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When you're looking to purchase a new home you want to know exactly what you're buying – our Burton-on-Trent-based experts at Axis Surveys can help. Having a survey will help you understand and structural issues, risks and possible repairs that may be needed. This information will help you decide if the property is a sensible purchase, or whether you'll need to negotiate the price to allow for repairs, alterations or structural issues that may need to be addressed. Call us today on 01283550969 to discuss your needs and we'll match you with the right surveyor for the job.

Your purchase options

There are a range of different surveys you can choose when you're considering the purchase of a potential property. There are Condition Reports, Homebuyer Reports, Full Structural Surveys and New Build Snagging Surveys. What survey is right for you depends on your personal circumstances, so it's best to get in touch with us so we can chat through the options and find the right one for you. We want you to feel happy with your property purchase, and we always try and keep the costs as competitive as possible.

We use survey information

Having a property valued might seem pretty simple on the face of it. Look at similar properties in the area that recently sold and – Bob's your uncle – there's your price. In fact, getting a genuine, useable valuation is a skilled procedure involving a number of factors. We use survey information along with historical data, local information and expertise to come to a definitive, recognised valuation. Call us today to arrange a valuation and feel comfortable that you're dealing with seasoned professionals every time.


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